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FOP Legal aid

Professional Protection for Today’s Police Professional
The Tennessee State Lodge of the Fraternal Order of Police in an effort to furnish professional legal services to its members, has established the Tennessee State Lodge Legal Aid Plan. The program is a voluntary plan that will provide services to those members who request to participate and who pay the required fees to do so.


Any member in good standing of the Tennessee State Lodge, Fraternal Order of Police who is currently employed, or retired, as a full-time police officer.



1. Legal representation to an individual member for the defense of criminal, civil, or administrative charges which may arise from member’s performance of his or her duties, acting in good faith, and not knowingly engaged in misconduct, shall be eligible to apply for legal representation. (Note: Active members who are charged in a civil suit will first seek representation indemnification from their employing agency)

2. Legal representation for an active member wishing assistance in a grievance with his or her respective employing agency shall be eligible to apply for legal representation.


You choose your attorney. The plan pays a flat hourly rate for attorney fees. You may choose from a list of attorneys who have agreed to work within the plan guidelines. The Tennessee State Lodge reserves the right to deny any attorney from representing a member for reasonable cause. If a member’s choice of attorney is denied the member may choose another attorney.

This plan was designed exclusively by and for the members of the Tennessee State Lodge of the Fraternal Order of Police. Here’s what you wanted:

* Attorney choice
* Broad Coverage
* Affordability
* No Deductibles


The annual rate for this coverage is $125.00 per year.

Contact your local lodge or the Tennessee State Office for an application. If your already a member of the legal plan and need a application for a claim contact the State Lodge office. Police work gets tougher every day. Law enforcement officers are routinely forced to make difficult, oftentimes life and death, decisions in a split second. In spite of a officer’s best judgment and good faith, a situation can go wrong. Worse yet, an officer can do all the right things and still be the victim of unfounded complaints, frivolous lawsuits, and sometimes even criminal charges. Everything an officer has worked for his or her whole career may depend on being able to afford competent legal


Application for Legal Representation

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