February 2012 Newsletter


A message from President Johnny Crumby

While in Washington, D.C. for Day on the Hill, I made a side trip to the Police Memorial Wall to pay my respects to my brothers and sisters that have been killed in the line of duty. This has been my tradition every year and I feel it is my obligation to never forget these individuals. I am always saddened that more names have been added since my last visit.

The State of Tennessee will add six names to the State Wall located in Legislative Plaza to honor those individuals on May 16, 2012 at 10 a.m.

There are many other officers that I would like to thank and I am thankful their names are not on either of those walls… these are the officers that have been injured in the line of duty and struggle daily with their disabilities.

Never had it been more important to stay safe and vigilante of your safety.

As your President I want to simply say Thank you!


Day on the Hill 2012

by Scottie Delashmit, 2nd Vice President

Tennessee was well represented in Washington, DC, earlier this month at the Fraternal Order of Police’s annual Day on the Hill. President Johnny Crumby, Legislative Chairman Jimmy Gafford, Sergeant at Arms David Cowan, and I were the state executive board members that walked the halls of Congress for our membership. We were joined by Toby Hewitt, Justin Kilgore, and Craig Joel, all of Rock City Lodge 22 in Chattanooga.

On day one, we met other brothers and sisters at the DC Lodge 1 for a briefing from President Canterbury and the National Legislative Office. One thing that resonated throughout the hall was when President Canterbury reminded us that we need to check the voting history of the elected official before we endorse him or her. He stated that various lodges have to endorse candidates whose voting records were not police friendly, and in some cases, very detrimental to law enforcement. President Canterbury said that everyone needs to find out what the candidate stands for before we endorse them.

The Tennessee delegation had meetings with seven of our Congressmen and both of our Senators. In some cases we met with staffers due to voting on the floor and some sche